05 June 2014


Author: Erin Bowman
Series: Taken #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Gray and gang head north to the original test city in hopes of finding the forgotten citizens and forming an alliance to combat against the ruthless leadership of the Laicos Project.

Frozen adds new scenery, new cities, and new characters to the world of Taken while also expanding on the elements Bowman introduced in the first novel.  Gray is still torn between his childhood love of Emma, but he contends with his feelings for Bree as well.  I have to admit, of all the resolutions at the end of the novel, the verdict for this love triangle at the end of the novel is perhaps the one that shocked me the most, as it speaks not just about the teen angst and romance drama but about the characters as well.  The love triangle that centers around Gray didn't bother me as much as I suspected it would in this novel, which was a pleasant surprise.

Like Taken, Frozen is not a fast paced ride from beginning to ending, but it does have its moments of excitement and when they arrive, for the most part they are delivered well.  There are parts where I thought a lot more emotion could have gone into the writing and the narration, especially since it is told in the first person point of view and not third person.

The plot takes us on a journey far further that we reached in Taken, and Bowman expands it well.  Even with all the new characters that are added with each new leg of the novel, they were all developed enough that I could continue to distinguish between all of the characters and did not get confused.  Bowman expanded on her creation of Forgeries, and I loved one of the routes that she took.  The character of Jackson was fascinating and unexpectedly grew on me, and I thought she handled these Forgeries well as she incorporated them into the novel.

Frozen isn't a novel to write home about; it doesn't blow my socks off and it didn't keep me up under the covers at night with a flashlight dying to know what happens.  It didn't feel quite as strong as Taken, but that's perhaps because some of the original elements Bowman created in Taken lost a bit of their novelty as the story continues on.  But the series is still entertaining, and Bowman leaves enough potential with the ending to hold my interest in borrowing the next installment when it comes out.

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