19 June 2014


Author: Hilary Duff
Series: Elixir #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Elixir is your run of the mill, generic young adult paranormal romance novel.  The story is told from the first person POV of a teenage female, so no surprise there.  Her best friend is pining over her, but she choices instead to fall for the mystery guy that is hiding in her closet after breaking into her house.  Sound familiar, fans of Twilight?

The writing, while no bad, is definitely sub par.  There is nothing exciting or intriguing about Clea, except perhaps for her rather unique name.  She is a spoiled, rich girl of two rather important people and has some serious daddy issues after her father mysteriously dies in Brazil.  At seventeen, she is already making money as a photojournalist under an alias, even though she does not seem to have any formal education or proper training.

Elixir follows Clea as she reincarnates life after life, while the man of her life is immortal and watches her die over and over again as different people through different generations.  The plot is nothing unique, and the delivery of the story does nothing to make it stand out against the thousands of other young adult novels in its genre.

While not annoying enough for constant eye rolling, i.e. I was able to finish the novel without vomiting uncontrollably, Elixir was more of a speed read, gloss over story while I worked out on my spin bike or watched TV.  The plot was anything but engrossing, and when I reached the conclusion, I honestly could not have cared less what happened.

Elixir is the first in a series, but it is not one I will continue.  Fans of Twilight, Evermore, and Fallen will probably enjoy this "literature", but for fans that like more substance and plot than light romance, go ahead and skip right over this one.  Sorry, Lizzie Maguire, but I tried.

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