08 June 2014


Author: Susan Ee
Series: Penryn & the End of Days #1
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Angelfall certainly carries a unique plot for today's state of literature in the young adult genre.  While following the dystopian - or rather, post apocalyptic to be more precise - trend of current series, Ee approaches the genre from a very different angle with roots that remind me of Supernatural.  Just weeks prior to the introduction to the novel, angels descended from the skies and wiped out the majority of humankind, bringing about a biblical styled apocalyse.  None of the humans know why (and maybe not even the angels themselves), but one thing remains certain - humankind now lives in fear not of each other but from future attacks from the angels.

Enter Penryn, our narrator and main character.  With a crippled younger sister and a mother who was only mentally there half the time even before the end of the world started, Penryn has to navigate the gang run remains of her town to help provide food and shelter for her family.

Enter Raffe, an angel who Penryn enters an unlikely alliance with when the angels take her sister.  Determined to find her sister and return her to safety, Penryn sets off to the angel stronghold on Earth with Raffe when he tells her that this is where her sister will be held.

As a young female, Penryn is, of course, hit with thoughts of attraction to this angel, though it is hard to tell if he is her guardian angel or the likely demise for her in the end.  The romance in this novel is flimsy at best and rather creepy, but it remains on the back burner for the majority of the novel so it is not too overwhelming.  The plot suffers a bit from pace in the middle, and it was difficult to maintain interest for a bulk of the center of the novel, but Ee makes up for it with action and suspense towards the end of the novel, which left me wondering where Ee would take the story in the next novel in the series.

Ee creates a creepy and rather terrifying world where angels are evil and even agnostic.  Human's only hope is to band together to fight back against supernatural beings, which makes humankind an underdog at best.  Add the gangs that fight for control of remaining supplies and Ee's post apocalyptic world makes you pray that the apocalypse never comes.

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