03 May 2014


Author: Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston
Series: Heart of Dread #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

The world of Frozen is seemingly difficult to place, as at first place it is simply a futuristic dystopian society set in an America where an ice age has settled and left the continent, if not the world, plagued by constant winter, ice, and cold.  True to human nature, the people in Nat's world deal with their uncomfortable circumstances by wasting their lives away betting away in casinos and pleasures of the like.

But the world featuring New Vegas suddenly becomes a much more AU version of our futuristic world as fantasy elements kick in.  While I didn't follow all of them perhaps as closely as I should have, the story was interesting enough though a tad heavy on the teen romance considering the setting and plot of the novel.

Frozen is interesting enough, but not a gripping novel on the whole.  The characters are entertaining, but the way the romance is handled deterred from the great importance of the novel and thus lessened the characters in my eyes.  Though the inclusion of pirates certainly bumped up my interest there towards the end.  Frozen was perhaps marketed as the young adult version of Game of Thrones and while I couldn't make it 50 pages into the first novel, I definitely can see some similarities to the show, minus a much of unnecessarily long dialogue Thrones is plagued with.

While nothing shockingly original or impactful to its genre,  it was certainly a far cry better than the Blue Bloods novel of de la Cruz's that I couldn't finish.  In the end, Frozen was a decent enough novel that I will plan on reading the next installment in the series as a beach/pool summer read book.

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