16 May 2014


Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Series: Sky Chasers #3
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Spark ended with the separation of Waverly and Seth as Waverly heads back to the New Horizon after an explosion rocks the Empyrean, leaving the already scattered and battered crew even more so.  While Waverly heads back to the "safety" of the New Horizon, Seth roams around the Empyrean trying to see if anything on the ship left is salvageable, and if there are any survivors.

Waverly's return to the New Horizon brings unexpected complications as she meets the Council Members on the New Horizon that are vying for Anne Mather's position.  Waverly soon finds herself stuck right in the middle of their power struggle, while all the while still trying to figure out just how she is planning on surviving on the enemy ship.

The conclusion to the Sky Chasers series, I thought it could have featured a little more space elements in the novel.  What really stuck out about the series to me in the first place was the fact that it occurs on a ship in the middle of empty space, searching for a replacement to Earth.  And while that still plays a fundamental theme to the novel here, the plot gets so bogged down in the power struggle on the New Horizon that space rarely seems to play a factor for the majority of the novel.

Overall though, Flame is a sound conclusion to the series.  All the elements are wrapped up nicely and Ryan manages to throw a few more curve balls in for shock and awe without them being completely unbelievable.  Perhaps a bit wordy in places, I found myself scanning through the dialogue and events during certain points of the novel, especially when there was a break in the action, but on the whole still and engaging read.  The obligatory love triangle between Kieran, Waverly, and Seth is wrapped up nicely, as is the fate of all the characters that we've grown attached to over the past two novels.

While not a series that falls into my instant classics category, it is still a series I am adding to my personal collection for multiple reads against down the line.

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