01 April 2014

Unravel Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi
Series: Shatter Me #2
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I think my fundamental problem with this series is that I went into it looking for a paranormal dystopian society styled novel, when in fact it is more along the lines of Twilight paranormal romance fiction, although I will say at least the writing is a little better.

What I saw as an unique writing style for narrative in Shatter Me started to lose its charm somewhat with Unravel Me, especially now that we know Juliette isn't, in fact, crazy.  The sentences are often changed or stop and start in mid thought, which I guess is supposed to make us connect better with Juliette as the narrative feels like you are actually hearing the story from inside her head.

My biggest issue with Unravel Me, and really with the series so far, is the issue of this underlying dystopian society, as I still do not really know what this whole society is about.  Sure, we get a little more detail about the Reestablishment, but everything is still rather vague and I do not 100% get what the big deal with this Anderson guy is.  Perhaps Mafi did explain it, but I glossed over it between all the Juliette - Adam - Warner triangle jumble.

If you are looking for the next series to read after The Hunger Games, the Shatter Me series is going to leave you disappointed.  If you are a Twihard and are looking for something to read until the next Stephanie Meyer "novel" comes out, you will probably really enjoy Mafi's Shatter Me series.  It has all the young adult romance and cliche love triangle scenarios a girl could dream for, and even attempts somewhat at a plot.  The characters are interesting enough, especially Warner.  At least he isn't one dimensional and is mysterious enough (he's definitely the bad boy versus Adam's good guy) to hold my attention to where his true intentions really lay.  But as for an honest to goodness, keep you up all night at the edge of your bed in suspense, Unravel Me just did not deliver.

I already have Ignite Me on hold from the library, so when it arrives I will probably go ahead and just give it a go as well, but I honestly do not hold much hope for my interest level shooting through the roof with the next one.  If Lauren Oliver's Delirium series taught me anything, it's that was a subpar series gives you a wink of hope, you are only going to wind up severely disappointed at the end.  But then Ally Condie's Matched series got surprisingly more interesting the further I got into it, so you never know.

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