07 April 2014

The Lost Code

Author: Kevin Emerson
Series: The Atlanteans #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

The Lost Code is an interesting introduction to a new young adult series.  Upon first glance, it appears to be tailored towards the older fan base of the Percy Jackson series.  After all, in the Lost Code we find a group of teenagers who find themselves suddenly sprouting gills and able to communicate underwater (special powers, suddenly found, a la Percy Jackson).

The Lost Code also has hints of The Hunger Games to pull in another group of readers.  Set in an interesting dystopian world where the majority of the population has been killed and now a select few have the opportunity to live in the protection of the Eden domes that combat the harmful elements of the planet.  Yet these Eden domes are fall from the utopian environments they appear to be.

While The Lost Code is definitely a unique twist to the young adult fantasy realm, I didn't completely buy into it.  The characters are interesting enough, but not all together engaging.  Right off the bat, Owen is completely smitten with camp counselor Lilly, and this attraction is a theme throughout the novel, which is something I wasn't too excited about.  And while the premise was interesting, it is so far fetched that trying to relate with any of these characters as they discover the truths behind the Eden domes proved difficult.  The book was rather lengthy too; perhaps if it had been slimmed down a little it would not have been quite so difficult to follow through to the end.

Overall, a novel that perhaps a more leisurely reader would enjoy more, especially one in the teenage age group.  It is probably a nice follow up novel for people who have finished Percy Jackson and are looking for the next series to dive into.  Definitely not a series that I would add to my personal collection to read again, but at least interesting enough that I'll take a stab at the second novel in the series since I already have it checked out from the library sitting on my bookcase waiting.

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