23 April 2014

The Dark Shore

Author: Kevin Emerson
Series: The Atlanteans #2
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

For such a long, drawn out book, but the end of the novel I felt like little if nothing of real importance happened.  Sure, Emerson tried to cram a bunch of last minute twists and revelations in the end, but by that point most of the revelations were hardly relevant or didn't seem to be that important.  It felt like Emerson through in a bunch of unnecessary curve balls in the end for perhaps a shock and awe effect since the first 3/4 of the novel was so dull, but it was definitely too little too late by that point.

While The Lost Code was nothing special, it at least showed potential.  Emerson built himself an unique world for the fans of the likes of Percy Jackson, but he failed to cash in on the plot potential in The Dark Shore.  The characters, through 470 pages here and another 400+ in The Lost Code still never got any substance or depth.

The Dark Shore introduces a new setting and some new characters, but it felt like the same story all over again.  At the end of the novel, the plot was exactly the same as where we left off in The Lost Code, and all the new characters introduced failed to make a lasting impression or importance.  I find it difficult to name one new character that is actually still relevant to the story by the end of the novel.

The Dark Shore definitely took a step back from The Lost Code, which wasn't the strongest debut novels of a series to begin with.  And in The Dark Shore, Emerson threw in a seemingly ridiculous teenage love triangle as well, just for good measure, that did not help either.

While the far-fetched elements of The Lost Code were difficult to believe, as least they showed some unique potential.  in The Dark Shore, Emerson continues to drawn those elements to such extremes that the novel became so much of a fantasy set in a real world type setting that the novel became difficult to read, and I found myself lost to the series, probably for good.  I may try the final installment in the series, but I am not holding any high expectations for it.

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