13 April 2014


Author: Lauren DeStefano
Series: The Chemical Garden #2
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

The characters in Wither were what interested me about the novel.  The way Wither ended, I was worried that the departure from the house of just Rhine and Gabriel would leave Fever without the charming qualities of Wither.  I was not wrong to worry, and found rather quickly that this worry was exactly the case and what was in store for the vast majority of the novel.

While Rhine and Gabriel stumble around trying to find Rhine's brother in Manhattan, they meet some new characters and find themselves in some rather horrible situations, what made me - and Gabriel as well - wonder if perhaps Rhine had made a mistake in wanting to leave the house so much for the outside world.  Especially considering the main reason she left was to reunite with her brother, and she quickly discovers that finding her brother while prove extremely difficult if not impossible.

I will admit, the last fifty pages or so of Fever where its saving grace that prevented the entire novel from being a complete waste of time.  Even though the first 300 pages were almost impossible to finish, the last 50 pages actually made me excited for Sever.  The last 50 pages were descriptive and certain parts actually made me cringe to the point where my boyfriend asked me what I was reading.

So far, the series has been less than impressive, but unlike Wither, Fever ends on a note that makes me protectively excited for the conclusion of the series, while Wither ended on a note that made me worry.  Hopefully my instincts will be right again.

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