21 April 2014

Burn Bright

Author: Bethany Frenette
Series: Dark Star #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Audrey is back, along with her whole Kin, and trouble is brewing once more.  As I did not entirely pay attention to the entire Harrowers, Guardians, Remnant, and the Beneath portion of Dark Star, I started out at perhaps a bit of a disadvantage going into Burn Bright, but it honestly didn't take much away from the plot.  The Beneath is never truly explained/detailed or developed; it is simply the place that Harrowers/demons that can take the form/shape of a human if it isn't too lazy pop off to and occasional kidnap humans to in convenient escapes.

With Iris taken care of, Burn Bright introduces a new antagonist in Susannah, who is also looking for the Harrower but is interested in taking out any Guardian she finds in the meantime.

The plot and subplots of Burn Bright feel childish at times (Tink's boyfriend drama as just one example; Audrey's mom's "relationship" with their cop friend as another, and Audrey's relationship with her father as one more), but Burn Bright is still a fun read for perhaps a beach book.  The universe that Frenette creates has a lot more potential than her writing gives it, which prevents the novel from really pulling your interest into the plot.  But younger readers in the young adult genre will hardly notice.  And the romantic element between Audrey and her Guardian Leon is a lure in for the females in the YA genre as well, although it hardly seems like a stable, mature relationship to me.

Burn Bright has enough twists and surprises to excite the reader into finishing the novel, but not enough to make you want to devour it again.  The characters are flat, one dimensional and underdeveloped, and the plot pushed forward without a lot of develop as well.

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