22 March 2014

Shatter Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi
Series: Shatter Me #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Shatter Me was... interesting to say nothing else.  The rather unique style of narration caught my attention from the get go.  Told in the voice of Juliette, we are dropped immediately into the seemingly unstable mind of a young adult locked up in what appears to be a mental hospital.  Her thoughts, while her own, are often conflicting and confused, which puts the readers right in her shoes along with her.

Almost immediately, I began to discover that Shatter Me was going to fall into the romantic interest category for young adult novels, as we are introduced to Adam, the first boy she has seen in ages, as he in unceremoniously tossed into her dark cell with her.  The arrival of Adam triggers a change to Juliette's world, as she tries to figure why someone has been introduced not only to her but into her cell, especially someone - we come to find out - she knows from her pre-lock up days.

Shatter Me I guess can be classified as a dystopian novel, though I treat it along the lines of The Selection.  Mafi introduces teasings of a war being battled on the outside of the walls where Juliette is being detained, but Juliette has been locked up for so long that she, and thus the reader as well, does not have an inkling of an idea what is really going on, apart from the fear that they may use her unique ability as a weapon in the war.

While nothing earth shatteringly original, Shatter Me was still unique(ish) enough that while not the most well developed or written novel, it was still interesting enough to hold my attention.  The Juliette-Adam interaction definitely becomes perhaps the main theme of the novel, which is always a turn off for me, but the concept of the dystopian world and this war brewing on the outside is just interesting enough to get me to read the next installment in the series to see if Mafi delivers the action packed story that Shatter Me lacked.

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