15 March 2014


Author: Dan Wells
Series: Partials #1
Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Ahhh, a fresh breath of air in a sometimes stale young adult genre.  Not only does Wells create a chilling dystopian world, but it has sci-fi to boot, which seems to becoming increasingly more difficult to find these days.

After the plague of RM and the battle with the Partials has left human kind an endangered species, Kira finds herself in a community in New York City, struggling to find a cure to RM that kills every baby born.  As if the loss from the Partials war wasn't enough, the inability to reproduce successfully has left everyone in the world (everyone left in the world, that is) stressed and scrambling to find a cure.  On Long Island, law mandates that all women are forced to reproduce as often as possible, and the dire situation they find themselves in finds the law pushing the age requirement for the law younger and younger.

But heroine Kira is not content with turning into a baby maker and simply facing the inevitability of the RM virus.  Determined to save her best friend's unborn child (as well as all future children), Kira sets up with a small band of decidated friends against the explicit rules of her group in order to confront, capture, and study one of the robotic Partials.  And on this quest, Kira discovers that the truths about RM and the Partials that she has been told are not actually the truths of the situation, giving potential towards a cure - if she can keep her situation stable and all sides at bay.

Partials in a scientific dystopian jammed pack with suspense, action, and even an air of mystery (especially when it comes to the Partials).  Just for good measure, there is even an element of romance as well.

The Partials sequence is an addicting series, and I am almost distraught at the thought of reading the end of Ruins.  I have already read both Partials and Fragments in the past, and found that Partials was just as good through the second time through as it was the first; I can only imagine the entire series is that way as I continue on through Fragments now.

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