13 February 2014

The Opal Deception

Author: Eoin Colfer
Series: Artemis Fowl #4
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Artemis Fowl is back, though his last adventure with Holly & crew has left him with no recollections of any fairy business.  Never to fear, however, as Artemis's and Bulter's mind wipes don't last forever (and how could you ever have expected to, when the whole series revolves around Artemis's interactions and doings with the People.

The young Fowl, while no longer trying to steal fairy gold, has not completely washed himself clean of all crime, and the novel starts out as he - with Bulter's aid, of course - attempts to steal the coveted The Fairy Tale (the most appropriate name of a painting for him to steal).  And yet, as you make your way through the novel, you can't help but see that perhaps Artemis is finally, indeed, starting to mature.  He does reason, after all, that stealing from a thief isn't actually stealing, is it?

The real action gets underway, however, when the nasty old Opal sets her sights on revenge against all who have wronged her.  And when she manages to escape from her vegetable state, Holly and Co. seek the help of non-other than their good enemy/friend Artemis.

While the class Colfer witty dialogue with plenty of chuckles is still evident in the novel, I did not find this novel as exciting as the others.  And the departure of a beloved character made it even more difficult to swallow at times.  I see The Opal Deception almost as a transitioning novel from the series, where Artemis decides that inside of trying to always find a way to one up the People, he learns how to truly work with them against a common enemy.  And while he's perhaps still most closely linked to the beloved Diggums (who is not exactly the best role model around), you have to think that the next novel is going to reveal the new nature of Artemis Fowl and how he wants to be remembered.

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