06 February 2014

Life After Theft

Author: Aprilynne Pike
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

From the cover, you would never guess that this novel is told in the first person POV of a high school male.  Not too far into the novel, though, you can quickly rather that the girl on the cover is the dead klepto girl who, it appears, can only be seen by new to the school Jeff, our narrator.

This novel took a while for me to get into, as I found it difficult to bond with really any of the characters in the novel.  But Jeff started to grow on me as the story progressed, as did the dynamic between Kimberlee, Sera, and Sera's brother.  We can tell there is definitely a lot of love lost between Kimberlee and Sera and her brother, but while pieces of the puzzle are laid out throughout the novel, the biggest revelation is at the end.

While the novel is a bit frivolous and romantically centered on Jeff's feelings towards Sera, this little mystery that carries throughout the novel is what kept me intrigued.  And I like how while Kimberlee finally found some revelation at the end, she didn't change a complete 180, which would have been a little too much fantasy in a world where we are already dealing with a ghost.

While not as intriguing or creative as Pike's Wings series (of which I am in the process of buying completely in hardback), it still had its moments, enough to make it worth a read even though I wouldn't suggest it as a book to add to your collection.

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