24 February 2014


Author: Anna Carey
Series: Eve #1
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I bought this novel on a whim off the bargain shelf at the bookstore as I had seen some good reviews across Amazon/Goodreads.  I have to say, with the hype I had built up for myself going into this novel (especially since I purchased a copy before I had even read it), I was rather disappointed.

The novel starts out a bit sloppy, and things start happening at a very quick pace.  The introduction to the character and setting is quick, and the setting changes almost immediately off the bat as Eve finds out that the whole foundation of truths she has built her world around is just a lie.  The school for training, as she has been told from the start, is none other than a baby breeding ground.  And upon finding this truth, Eve strikes out on her own to seek sanctuary from become just a baby maker in the fabled land of Califia.

It becomes apparent almost right off the bat that this novel is going to focus on a young adult romance, although it isn't the typical love triangle I've grown assumed to for the genre.  After being brainwashed for years that all men are dangerous, Eve finds herself nonetheless attracted to the young Caleb, and thus the plot of the novel shifts to focus mainly on this point, with the fact that the king of the country is hell bent on finding Eve and bringing her to him specifically for reasons we do not know taking a backseat.

While I really could not care much less about Eve and Caleb's relationship, I am a sucker for a dystopian series, and the world that Carey creates is just interesting enough for me to continue on reading until the end of the book.  And while the novel may appear to end on a cliffhanger in respect to the relationship between Eve and Caleb, it kind of/sort of ends on a cliffhanger on the plot that I actually care about as well.  And since I purchased the first novel in the series already, I feel obligated to continue the series - at least into the second novel - to see if it can hold my attention or - even better - improve as the story unfolds.

Nothing super impressive or unique so far, but perhaps more interesting to the more casual reading type.

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