19 February 2014


Author: Sara B. Larson
Series: Defy #1
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I requested a galley copy of this novel from the publisher because I am a sucker for fantasy novels and novels featuring a strong female main character.  This novel seemed to offer both, so it felt like a no brainer.  But while it wasn't a bad novel, it did not meet the expectations I was hoping for.  All the elements were there for a brilliant introduction to a new series - an interesting main character with a secret to hide from everyone, a tragedy that befalls her early, and a struggle for a kingdom/a war on the horizon.  For those who live for the ever popular young adult love triangle, this story features that as well.  Yet Larson could not seem to weave these elements in such a way to present a fascinating novel, and instead delivered a story more along the lines of a Stephanie Meyer novel.

The development of the plot and the writing style of the novel seemed to fall short, and these lacking elements - along with Alexa's more prominent attention to the boys in the story instead of the larger issue at stake - were what kept me from really getting into the book.  While interesting enough to hold my attention long enough to finish the story, I did not have that unrelenting urge to keep reading that I love from a novel.  And while all the makings for a great novel were present, it just seemed to fall short.  The dialogue and progression through the novel were a bit stiff, and while there were a few surprises in the novel, all but one I had already guessed were going to happen.  This novel just seemed to lack the wow factor.

I will say I would rather spend my time reading a novel on the lines of the Graceling Realm series than on this Defy series, but at the same time I won't tell people they should not read this.  I will leave this novel to the fans of Twilight, as it is more up their alley.

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