11 January 2014


Author: Lauren Oliver
Series: Delirium #3
Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Never before have I been so disappointed in the ending of a book, much less a trilogy/series.  To end the book in such a way, which is to say not end the book AT ALL, was so disheartening after I barely enjoyed the series to begin with.

Delirium started off slow, way too romantic for my taste, but the premise was unique enough and interesting enough to get me to try Pandemonium.  And then Pandemonium offered some of the action that Delirium lacked, and while it introduced a cliched love triangle to over sell the romance department that Delirium delivered, it was still enough of a balance to garner my interest and make me want to see the series through to the end.

And now... and now???  Now I wish I had never wasted my time with this series, especially since I read Delirium and Pandemonium both twice before finally starting in on Requiem.  It wasn't that Requiem was slow or that Lena's "character development" was even less believable here than how suddenly she one eightied in Pandemonium.  These issues I could have forgiven Oliver for, probably.  But the story just stops, and offers no climax or no resolution.  It is as if Oliver did not know how she was going to finish the series, as if she never expected to have to write the finale and resolve the novel, so when she got to the point where she would have to... she simply didn't.

The two man themes in this novel/series are the love triangle between Lena/Alex/Julian and the issue of the Invalids and how the Wilds are no longer even safe for them to hide out in.  Neither one of these fundamental themes was resolved.

And, yet again, Oliver introduces a new style of narration, this time involving Lena and Hana, bringing back a character I hardly cared about in the first place and whose addition left half the novel feeling almost completely hopeless.

Requiem was a drag to pull myself through, and I wish I had not wasted the time or the effort now that I have "finished" the series.  At least with the Matched trilogy, the series got better as it went along and the final novel made me appreciate my resolve to stick it out in the end.  Requiem ensured that I will never read another series by Lauren Oliver again.

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