26 January 2014

Every Day

Author: David Levithan
Series: Every Day #1
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I have to admit, for the first 25% to 50% of this book, I did not feel very invested.  The main character is hard to relate to and sympathize with for the sole reason that the main character is not one single being, but has the embodiment of a different person each and every day it wakes up.  In fact, A makes a point of trying not to hold onto many specific memories from any one body it inhabits so that it doesn't get confused and mixed up in its current day.  And while that makes for a fascinating and original plot, it makes it difficult for the reader to connect with.

And then we get to the plot of the novel itself, which is a tale of young love.  A falls hard for the tragic Rhiannon and against A's better judgement and rules A sets forward for itself, it decides to attempt a relationship with Rhiannon while it bounces around from body to body all over the county/state.  And while this plot is not really engaging, and neither is the side plot of the young man who wakes up on the side of the road and believes he has been possessed by the devil, the characters that A starts to embody become more and more interesting.  Thus, even though we only spend a few pages with each one of them, I still found myself connecting to them, even if it was for such a brief stance.

The last 25% of the novel I found more and more difficult to put down.  A has to come to a decision to test if it wants to try to change the rules of its existence in order to find an inkling of happiness and love, or to continue on how it has been living its entire life.  And the motivations behind its decision and the decision itself as so well developed and play out so gracefully that by the end, it's hard not to relate to A no matter who you are for the sole reason that A is unlike everyone and still goes through the same things as everyone all at the same time.

The fact that this is a series, however, is a shock to me.  I will leave well enough alone and end this series after this novel, but it was an interesting enough novel on its own.

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