15 December 2013

The Elite

Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #2
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

The first time I read this book, back in April, I could barely give this book a 3 star rating.  I felt the plot was slow, not a lot happen, and that Mer was increasingly annoying with her wishy washy self and her inability to decide between Maxon and Aspen.  The whole "plot" seemed like a melting pot of mess.  To tell the truth, the first read through felt like self inflicted torture.

This second time around, I fared a little better.  Perhaps it was because I read it almost back to back with The Selection, so the story line continued quickly on between the two.  Maybe it was because the jumbled plot lines seemed to fall a little more into place the second time around, when I already knew somewhat what to expect and where it was going.  Or maybe I just paid a little more (or a little less) attention this time around.

I will say, Mer is still annoying in her constant back and forth between Aspen and Maxon to the point where I highly suspect she is massively bipolar.  One minute, she is ready to accept a marriage proposal from Maxon should he ask.  She is ready to be a princess and rule the kingdom with him.  Then an almost imaginary switch seems to flick in her mind (caused by a situation or action that does not seem that huge in my mind) and she has cast aside Maxon completely and cannot believe she ever found herself attracted to him in the first place.  She runs back to Aspen, who of course accepts her with open arms, and they are back to making out in secret in dark rooms of the castle as if they are back home and nothing has changed.  And then another medium impact action or situation occurs, and America finds herself once again with weak knees and swooning for Maxon again, and tosses Aspen aside without another thought.  That it pretty much the entire novel, back and forth between the two like a pinball.

I cannot tell if she is just young and naive or super shallow, but all of her actions says to me that perhaps she doesn't love either of them, or she would not be so easily able to just jump back and forth between the two.  My love/hate relationship with America aside, however, I found myself enjoying this book a little more than the first time I read it, though it still didn't have the Bachelor/Bachelorette feel of The Selection that I enjoyed so much the first time, even though I despise watching reality TV.

With her mind seemingly made up and the end and a fixed goal in mind, hopefully The One will deliver in the areas where The Elite no doubt crumbled and that America will stay on her "warpath" of determination, instead of flopping around like a fish out of water again.  And hopefully some kind of plot will finally develop from these seemingly ridiculous attacks on the castle from both the north and the south, and that this plot line won't just disappear into the ether like a side character on The West Wing.

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