28 December 2013


Author: Marie Lu
Series: Legend #2
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

The story of Day and June continues as they run away from Los Angeles to seek shelter in Vegas.  As part of their escape and in return for aid to help Day’s injured knee, the duo agrees to assist the Patriot rebels, giving them the one thing they have desired for so long and been unable to obtain – Day.  While they are reunited with Tess, Day and June soon find themselves split up as June is sent to get close to her previous acquaintance Anden, and Day is left to follow behind with the second group as part of their plan to assassinate the Elector in an attempt to start a Republic wide rebellion.

But when June finds herself alone and close to the new Elector, the plan begins to unravel as she starts to question the motives of the Republic and whether the Elector is really who he seems and who they believe him to be.  And with June off alone with the Elector while the rebels watch on, the romantic angle between her and Day becomes a central theme in the novel as jealousy start to flare and while Tess starts to suggest that perhaps she is no longer happy with just playing the little sister role to Day, adding in the elements towards one or even two love triangles.

While the romantic elements of the novel began to annoy me, the plot was still interesting enough.  Prodigy didn’t hold my attention from the get go like Legend did, and it was more of a character development novel for an extended period towards the middle.  But as the assassination plot begins to unfold, the story line picks up pace again, and then before you know it you are barrel rolling towards the end.  The ending itself is a little too lovey dovey centered for me, and doesn’t end on a crazy climatic cliffhanger like you’ve come to expect from trilogies, but the writing and plot are still interesting enough that I am prepared to go full steam ahead into Champion to see how it all ends and what will become of the Republic and the Colonies.  Unlike a lot of the novels I read, I find the plot of this series much more interesting than the characters, while still managing to enjoy the story overall.

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