07 November 2013

Fruits Basket, Volume 16

Author: Natsuki Takaya
Series: Fruits Basket #16
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

While introduced by the fact that Kyo met Tohru's mother when he was younger, the first half of this volume revolves not around Kyo and Tohru's mom, but about how her parents met through the early years of her life, up until her mother met Kyo.  And while it is a cute story, it is also kind of creepy how much older than her mother her father was and how they met in the first place and just how their entire relationship unfolded.  It seemed a bit like something you would warn your young daughter about.

That aside, the first half of the volume was pretty slow because it really didn't focus on the Sohma family.  Once we wrapped up with Tohru's parents, then we switched to Machi and the student council gang.  Again, yawn.  The New Years ball is thrown in at the end, but it is sandwiched together which a whole bunch of characters thrown together all of a sudden.  The volume went from slow and drawn out to way too crowded and time passing much too quickly.

Definitely one of my lease favorite in the series so far, but at least it has a cute Kyo/Tohru moment.

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