23 September 2013

Fruits Basket, Volume 12

Author: Natsuki Takaya
Series: Fruits Basket #12
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Parent teacher conferences start as the gang's summer ends and they all go back to school.  Shigure fills in for Tohru's guardian when her grandfather is unable to make it.  And Kyo stays true to his word about wanting to spend more time with Tohru while he still has the chance.

As for Kagura, she finally has a heart to heart with Kyo, and on one hand I finally see her as a true "person" and not just a super annoying character always screaming and beating people up.  But on the other hand, her heart to heart leaves me just as irritated with her as always.

Shigure has his own little "heart to heart" with Tohru's teacher, but again I really couldn't care less about this particular side plot in the series.  Sensei shows up for Kyo's conference, however, and I always love his dialogue with the characters.  Rin is annoying and rude as always (my feelings towards her are similar to Kagura) but I guess her heart is sort of kind of in the right place.

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