19 September 2013

BZRK Reloaded

Author: Michael Grant
Series: BZRK #2
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I had kept BZRK on my To Read list for a while, so when I got access to an ARC galley from the publisher, I pushed myself to go ahead and check it out of the library to read.  I love sci fi novels and while BZRK was inherently nothing special, it was interesting enough to get me into the this sequel.

This sequel, however, was similar to an English homework reading assignment.  It seems as if it took me ages to read, and I kept putting it off in lieu of television or other books I was also reading.  Procrastination at its finest.

For one, I never felt connected to these characters.  The series as a whole has severely lacked character development.  It's hard to care about the characters' situations when you don't even care about the characters in general.  And the whole Plath/Noah relationship is so underdeveloped it's more of a laughing point in the plot than anything else.

Then we get to the main plot(s) of this novel.  While the plot of BZRK was ok, the plot of BZRK Reloaded reminded me of a train wreck.  We had numerous different plot lines going on and most of them never connected or made any sense at all.  My main point here, without getting into spoiler depth detail, is the Doll Ship.  I realize Plath made one of the conjoined twins a "little" crazy at the end of the first novel when she did a haphazard rewiring of his brain, but the Doll Ship is something that appears to have been in the works long before that.  And I guess it is a legitimate concept to point at and go "Wow, these guys really are crazy sociopaths; no wonder they want to take over the world" but then we get into the gray territory of somewhat plausible sci fi to crazy sci fi.

Overall, it's hard to pin point exactly where BZRK Reloaded lost me when I was okay with the first in the series.  Perhaps it is the accumulation of all the plot pitfalls and lack of character development combined, or even something else that I can't quite put my finger on, but BZRK Reloaded was definitely not up my alley and I do not plan on taking this series any further in my reading lists.

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