03 September 2013

Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?

Author: Louise Rennison
Series: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Oh Georgia, my little pally, it is so sad to see you go.  It was as real as two real things are... err... you know... it was a laugh.  It was definitely a laugh.  And a laugh.

I will miss your crazy sister with her plethora of not so soft or stuffed animals/toys.

I will miss your crazy half wild cat crossed bred kitty, as well as his cross eyed spawn.  I may even miss his minx of a mistress strutting her stuff across the catwalk.

I will miss your neighbors next door and across the street that like to make loud noises about legitimate complaints and wear inappropriate undergarments outside when they are awoken in the dead of night by your bonkers Angus.

I may even miss the Prat poodles.  I will at least miss Angus riding them around like little horses.

I will certainly miss the Ace Gang, although I may not miss your constant falling outs with Jas.  I did like the one time you had to give miss big knickers a piggy back ride home in order for her to forgive you.  That was right swell and a hoot and a half.  I would tell you to be a bit nicer to her, but then all your ironic comments about Jas being self centered and not paying attention to you would be lacking, and we can't have that.

I will even miss the crazy boys, both the ones that you've snogged (though I will miss them the least) and the ones that your pallies have snogged.  I will even miss the ones no one snogged at all.

I will miss your crazy mum, your crazy vati, and your even crazier grandvati.  Even the knitting lady, I will probably miss her too.  Angus always liked her presents.  Your uncle as well, he's as much of a laugh as Dave is.

I will most certainly miss your school plays.  I only wish we got more details about the unforgettable performances.

I will not miss Mr. Attwood.  Wasn't he supposed to retire a while back?

I will not miss your crazed obsessions with make up or boys, but I will miss the trouble both of these guilty pleasures get you into.

It's been a.... real ride, Gee.

But please, don't write.  Your post scripts take up half the parcel.  I will give you a call if we need to talk in the future.  Hopefully your vati won't mind a collect call from Hamburger-a-gogo-land.

If I see Robbie or Masimo, I will make sure I let you know.  Oo-er.

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