20 August 2013


Author: Terra Harmony
Series: Akasha #1
Rating: 1 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

WARNING:  This review contains some "plot" spoilers.

Before we even get to the book, can I comment on the author's name?  "Terra Harmony" is either the worst pen name I've heard of or a woman whose hippie parents hated her when she was born.  Although I guess the name does suit the nature theme of this book.

Now let's focus on the narrative of this novel.  Harmony needed to focus on a narrative and stick with it.  If you are going to tell the story in the first person POV, then don't have random chapters that are written in third person.  Find a way for the narrator to find out the information these other characters are telling each other or incorporate it someway else or just leave the information out, I don't care which one.  But don't go switching your POV in the middle of the book and then reverse it back in the next chapter.

Speaking of the narrator... bleh.  Based of her description of herself and her life, she is an older woman (by no means old, but certainly out of her twenties).  She should act that way!  She is just as whiny and her dialogue is just as bad as a late teenager or early twenty-something.  To be fair, none of the other characters are any better.

Now let's get to the "plot" of this book.  I put the word in quotations because I am still not convinced there was one.  She is kidnapped by this group of people who have power over the elements and I guess are trying to help save the planet (reuse, recycle)?  I think Ms. Harmony watched too much Captain Planet as a kid (though I did love that show myself).  Still, she is kidnapped and yet works along with them seemingly willingly.  When they go on their trip to Spain, she has a brief notion of escaping the group at the airport, but then decides against it.  For someone who I think is supposed to be tough, she sure caves pretty easily and doesn't seem to value her own life or free will much.

Then you have the "relationships" in this novel.  She meets Micah, she kisses him almost immediately, and then bam - they are having sex.  She at least has the decency to admit that their relationship happened too fast, and gives him the cold shoulder for a bit.  Then he practically rapes her, and suddenly she is jealous when she sees him with another woman on his arm and immediately they make up again?  Well yeah, sure, ok.  That seems like the logical choice for her to make.  Women love being raped.  Just look at how well 50 Shades books sold (I think the only people that could enjoy this book are people that ate up that trash as well).

Speaking of rape, we get to Shawn.  When he rapes her, that is where I couldn't finish this book anymore.  No sense it trying to torture myself to finish it.  First of all, they are on this island that because of her power over the elements or something, the whole island is like a poison to her.  Shawn kidnaps her and takes her to the island, and tells her she better not move, or the island will kill her faster.  She even discovers that when someone else causes her to move, it kills her faster too.  So she can't even bathe herself.  So as soon as he finishes feeling her up and rubbing her down, he rapes her, and she talks about how rough it is and how he is tearing her apart and how she is worried her head is going to smash against the headboard WHICH MAKES NO SENSE SINCE HE JUST TOLD HER NOT TO MOVE.

Ugh, I just can't.  This entire book is ridiculous.  I got a free galley from the publisher, and I am immediately deleting it off my Kindle and pretending I never read this garbage.

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