07 August 2013

Royally Jacked

Author: Niki Burnham
Series: Royally Jacked #1
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Well, I will say first and foremost this book was a disappointing rom-com.  Goodreads recommended it to me based on my brit lit/comedy selection, and the tag line on the back is "A romantic comedy for every girl who thinks she's met her prince."  Well, this book is about as much of a romantic "comedy" as most rom-com movies are - i.e. not at all.  I don't think I chuckled or laughed a single time throughout the entire book.

Valerie is not as annoying as she could have been, but she wasn't my favorite narrator in the world either.  Perhaps I would have liked this book when I was younger, in the general target age group for the book (which is why I gave it a Borrow instead of a Bury.  For my age of readers, I would say go ahead and Bury).

The plot is thin, the romance is thin, the entire story is cliche.  The book focuses a little on her relationship with her divorcing parents, but the book really doesn't get too deep into that either.  The book is hardly "researched" or realistic at all - and I'm not just talking about the plot.  How about the fact that a European prince repeatedly says he wants to be a professional soccer player?  No self respecting European calls football soccer.  Little details like that are the ones that always stick with me and bug me the most.  This 'soccer' issue upset me even more than usual, since I was just introduced to this gem yesterday:

When I realized this book was the first in a series, I went and found the description for the second book, Spin Control.  Looks like bagging a prince isn't enough.  In the second book Val is shipped back to the States, so there she decides to hook up with David as well.  Seriously?  Man, this girl is like what?  Fourteen/fifteen?  Anywho, I wasn't interested in continuing this series as this book did little to hold my attention (although it didn't make me barf like most chick lit out there; just roll my eyes), and now that I have read the 'plot' of the sequel, it just sealed the deal that I am done with Valerie and her boy "problems".

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