20 August 2013

Fruits Basket, Volume 8

Author: Natsuki Takaya
Series: Fruits Basket #8
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Since the author seems determined to include at least one highly obnoxious character in each volume, in this installment Yuki's brother decides to come calling at the house.  He, of course, wants to bond with Yuki by volunteering to be Yuki's guardian for the parent/teacher conference.  Yuki, while not exactly on speaking terms with his parents, doesn't really like the prospect of having his brother come along either.

At first, it seems like the return of another character, the crazy bipolar maniac-depressive lady from the hot springs, when in reality it is the introduction of a new Zodiac member, her offspring.  Ritsu, however, is just as annoying as the mother because Ritsu has all the same traits as the mom, except for one little twist.

The saving grace of this volume is Haru's character stories while they are at the Haunted House in the last chapter.  I think I even chuckled aloud.  And Kyo's talk with Tohru about looking towards the future (and even Shigure's insight) is sweet too.

As summer is just about to start, hopefully things will start to heat up in the next volume!

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