05 August 2013

Death Note, Volume 4

Author: Tsugumi Ohba
Series: Death Note #4
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I am not sure if it is all part of the plan, but Misa sure gets on my nerves.  Perhaps because she is playing a game of blind follow the leader; she feels indebted to Kira and thus immediately falls head over heels for Light, completely devoting herself to him without a second guess.  Ugh.  Perhaps it is just the fact that she is in cahoots with Light, who is set against L, who I am rooting for.

Still, I have to say that adding her character has been good for the plot.  Now, L is one step closer to knowing for sure that Light is Kira... or is he?  Now it is a tennis match going back in forth inside L's head.  Either he isn't 100% sure, or we just don't know if he is sure or not.  I do like the fact that Ohba hides some of the insights from us, because it leads to more suspense and the revelations are more impactful when we finally understand what is truly going on inside Light and L's brains... or at least we think we do.

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