06 July 2013


Author: Amanda Hocking
Series: Watersong #3
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

This book was definitely not my favorite of the series thus far.  I do have to say, I loved the cover as we finally get a peak of Daniel's ridiculous tree tattoo.  While I am not a fan of tattoos in the slightest, I do have to say - yeah, it looks kind of bitchin' on the cover.  The fact that Penn is with him, with creepy monster bird feathers floating in the wind and all, can be ignored.  And the lighthouse in the background that has never once been mentioned in the series?  Well, whatever.  Focus on the tattoo, focus on the tattoo...

The guys in this novel, even though they are the same characters as before (Daniel and Alex) rubbed me the wrong way.  Alex becomes a drunk and gets into bar fights after Gemma breaks up with him a la watersong in order to protect him from the sirens.  So he loves her still, but he also hates her, but he cannot figure out why.  Needless to say, he does not deal with it well.  He also decides in the month that lapses between this novel and Lullaby that he is no longer going to go to uni and instead starts working at the docks with their dad.  As for Daniel, well he kind of turns into a douchebag towards the end of the novel... which is a major bummer.  He is the "bad boy" that turns out to not be such a "bad boy" once we get to know him.  He wants to take care of Harper - "awww" and "barffff" at the same time.  But by the end of this book, I don't really like either one of them that much anymore.  Of course, this fact could just be a side effect of my aversion to YA romance.

Marcy ahs a bigger role in this book, which is kind of fun.  But she introduces them to a friend who believes in all sorts of supernatural beings, and that rubbed me the wrong way.  Sirens is a fine theme for a fantasy novel.  Siren mermaids that also turn into monster birds... even that started pushing it for me.  Then add in a character who's grandma was a witch and who's father is a vampire... and a whole bunch of other supernatural creatures as well, including werewolves?  Now it's getting a little bit out of hand, me thinks.

But the biggest problem I have with this novel has to be how the entire plot revolves around this scroll that holds the terms of the curse, which Gemma thinks is her way of defeating the sirens even though the scroll is indestructible.  It just seems a little too convenient that there exists something that holds all the terms of the curse.  Why in the world would that be?  Seems like whoever set the curse would not want the cursed people to have a means to get out of it.  And why would the sirens keep it with them, where one of there own could gain access to it and try to take it out?  Especially since they have had this exact issue in the past with a different siren sister?  This point troubled my mind for much of the book, and kind of ruined it for me.

The surprising part was who was my favorite character at the end of this novel.  After finishing Lullaby, I'd have to say Harper was probably my favorite, even though she is such a pushover/walkover and let's every one take advantage of her because she is the anti-Grinch and has a heart three sizes too big.  Yet, at the end of Tidal, I surprised myself by saying that Thea is my favorite.  Yup, one of the very sirens that Gemma is trying to kill in order to break the curse.  Go figure.

I will, of course, be anticipating Elegy later this year, and I am interested in seeing what happens.  Hopefully the characters will come back around and I will enjoy the conclusion.  It's not a bad series, after all, but it's not one I think I would buy to read again unless the ending blows me away in the same manner that Reached did to completely changed my mind of the Matched trilogy.

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