05 July 2013

The Price of Paradise

Author: Colin Brake
Series: Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #12
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Verdict: Borrow

This is the first in the series I have read, since it was the only David Tennant Doctor/Rose one available from my local library.  I figured since the books are written by a bunch of different authors, it wouldn't really matter if I haven't read the first 11.  Turns out, I was right.  I don't feel like I missed out on any plot details from not reading any of the earlier ones in the series.

This book was a decent original Doctor Who story continuation.  I felt like I could visualize this story as an actual episode.  It seemed like a lot was going on at first, what with the original inhabitants of the planet Laylora as a plot line and also the private research/exploration group out looking for the Paradise Planet.  Considering the length of a novel versus an episode of the show, however, this made sense.  I also like how the two seemingly different plot lines merged and created one line by the conclusion of the novel.

My biggest beef with this novel, by far, is that Rose and the Doctor spend most of the novel apart, working with different groups on Laylora.  One of the reasons I loved the second and third series so much was their interaction, and the humour that arose from it.  You still have some quirky one liners fit for the Doctor in this book, but it lacks that wonderful relationship and interaction, which is why I didn't like the book more than three stars worth.  It is a solid novel, however, and an enjoyable read apart from that fact!

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