26 July 2013

Death Note, Volume 1

Author: Tsugumi Ohba
Series: Death Note #1
Rating: 3.5 / 5 Stars
Verdict: Borrow

Ahh, the battle of wits between L and Light.  The game is afoot!  Getting past the hard to believe death gods (one of which is bored out of its mind so it decides to drop its notebook for a human to find to stir up a little fun) and a notebook that can kill anyone, anywhere, anytime (with only a few provisions), this series is a masterful game of cat and mouse.

We have Light, which is an ironic name is there ever was one, who wants to be a human god and purge the world of evil criminals.  He is set upon creating a new world, with the type of people of his choosing.  Then we have the mysterious L, who only takes cases to help the police if he is interested in them.

I have read the entire series before, but I don't remember how it all plays out as it has been several years and the first time I read them I was under bed rest, heavily sedated for my wisdom teeth removal.  Reading through this first volume again, I realize just how much I have forgotten.  But that only makes this reread that much more entertaining!

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