25 July 2013

Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants

Author: Louise Rennison
Series: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #4
Rating: 3 / 5 Stars
Verdict: Buy

Oh Georgia.  Do I hate to love you or love to hate you, you big ole loon?  It is hard to tell sometimes.  Georgia's red bottom is at it again (although now she fears she has the General Horn or, worse yet, the Cosmic Horn), and she just can't seem to stay away from Dave the Laugh.  He is, after all, such a laugh.

Georgia won't be winning any friend of the year awards by any means, but I do have to say she has her moments, shining every once in a while.  These moments, however, cannot compare to the rest of her life, in which she is such a hysterical train wreck.

Libby and Angus, and even Vatti and mom, add some great humor into this installment of the book.  And the trip to Froggieland is tres amusing.

While I may not agree with Georgia's personality or her actions or really her life in general, I do have to say this - she continues to be a laugh page after page after page.  There are literally too many "favorite" quotes to list them all here.

Now I must be off.  I am away laughing on a fast camel to the airport with the next book in tow.

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