16 June 2013


Author: Kate Brian
Series: Private #1
Rating: 1 / 5 Stars
Verdict: Bury

This book was a jumbled mess. So let's take it one step at a time. First, the plot: it was thin to begin with, and then made less and less sense as you went along. Considering the requirements of the Billings House, the ending doesn't even make any sense what so ever.

So then there is Thomas. Girl falls for first guy she meets, what a shocker. But hey, guy is cute so why not? She then finds out he has rich parents but that they aren't all they're cracked up to be. Awwww, he's like me, she thinks. So she just hands over her virginity like it's nothing, this naive little 15-year-old. Then, shocker, guy isn't who he seems to be. And then, well, I don't want to ruin the ending in case you actually want to read this book and even more unlikely enjoy it, but yeah. The end of his plot line is stupid too.

Now let's get back to Reed, our narrator. She is oh so happy to be going to this special, private school with her scholarship to get away from her pill popping mother. Considering she has a scholarship, you would think she would be really smart and a super star on the field. But she appears to only go to practice twice in the entire book for soccer, doesn't even hit the lacrosse field, and flunks all her first exams. Also, she is completely one dimensional. She starts off the book arriving at the new school and worried because she is so anti social and doesn't like hanging out with people. She apparently likes to read all weekend. But as soon as she gets to Easton, she is OBSESSED with the Billings girls. This entire book is how she wants to get in with the ultra popular girls. Kind of weird for a girl who hates socializing, right?

And then there is how Reed acts around the Billings girls. That is what really made me hate Reed. She is such a little putz. Anything they tell her to do, she does. She has absolutely no backbone at all. They tell her to break up with one of their boyfriends for them. Sure, no problem, because I HAVE to be in with these cool kids that are taking advantage of me. Meet us at midnight and sneak in and steal some exams? Well, I know better and I could get kicked out of this school which is the only thing keeping me from my pill popping mom... but okay, because I HAVE to be with these cool girls. And then she disses her dad, who is the only one who supported her in the first place? Bah, what a twat!

Done with this series, that's for sure. Girls like this is why I had mostly guy friends growing up. What a bunch of biotches.

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