17 May 2013


Author: Elsie Chapman
Series: Dualed #1
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

It took a little while for me to get into this book, as the world in which it is set did not seem very realistic to me. Indeed, Chapman doesn't do a very good job developing the world and really exploring why exactly Alts are needed. The competition of kill or be killed is explained in the reasoning that there isn't enough room for both Alt versions, but to me that would seem like they wouldn't bothering creating two of everything then in the first place. I am hoping the sequel dives into this more.

But regardless of the backdrop for the novel, it definitely grips you about halfway to 3/4 of the way through and then you hold on breathlessly for the ride. Another book I think would be better suited as a third person narrative instead of first, as it kind of gives away the ending to some extent, but still a wild ride. It also adds humanity into the mix, with the main character's struggle the entire novel on the choice of killing her Alt.

All and all, I will definitely be adding the next one in the series to my to read list.

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